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Do you love ornery three year olds who love to push your buttons, think they're above everything because of  their family name and act just like teenage boys? Meet Pioneer. 

You will not ever find a horse like him. He makes it a point to be truly one of a kind, whether it's your kind or not is for you to decide. Some days he loves you and wants to follow you everywhere you go like royalty, some days he won't even give you the time of day and treat you like the peasant he thinks you are. He's both storm cat and Pioneerof the Nile bloodlines and we're pretty sure he knows it too. Don't let him fool you with his sob story either of bowing a tendon on his first ever practice race and ending up in a Texas kill pen at two years old, he is PERFECTLY fine now and eats to his heart's desire and lives in lush green pasture. Pioneer has a flare for the dramatics when he doesn't agree with your day plans for him, he likes to think if he shows off his drama skills you'll give in and relent on your plans. It's all an act. He will huff and puff when it's time to ride and truly thinks it's the end of the world for him to work but we promise him every time it's not. He's worked a few times and every time he learns a little more, improves a lot and actually does quite great.... considering he's only had a few rides on him his entire life. He will need someone intermediately skilled at handling the intricate life of this three year old.

In all reality, we love this boy and his flare for the dramatics and that truly diamond in the rough personality. He is truly special and would suit any discipline, he just needs that special someone to come polish that diamond up. We love him and know he will find that one soul that matches his vibrant beacon of personality and attitude. If you're interested please contact us and fill out an adoption application.

For more information text Lynn Sullivan at 405-802-1312 or email: 

You don't have to have a specific horse in mind to start the adoption application! Click the adoption application button get started on the process to bring home your next partner. Once your application is approved we will keep it on file until we find you the right horse.

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