Aloo Ghost



Aloo Ghost is our handsome, sweet 5 year old gelding that we rescued from a killpen. This guy has had a rough life. He ended up in not just one but two kill pens. The first time he was rescued and they claimed he had liver failure and he ended up in a second kill pen. We bailed this guy and immediately took him to the vet, he was in perfect health. HIs liver was no failing, he was 100% sound and just needed some groceries! He is off quarantine now, putting on a healthy amount of weight out in pasture with our resident champion Zee Oh Six. He has had his first eval ride with us and did amazing! He is still set in racing mode when riding but he rode beautifully and picked up both leads immediately and was eager to please. With consistency, this will be one amazing horse! He can do anything career wise and is actively seeking his new home. 

He is so sweet even after everything people have done to him, he loves to love on you and come straight in to be caught. He is UTD on everything and ready for that special person to take him places. 

For more information text Lynn Sullivan at 405-802-1312 or email: 

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