Moonshine Martini


Moonshine Martini is a stunning 10yo war horse gelding earning nearly $200,000 at the track. He unfortunately was dumped into a killpen in North Carolina but fortunate enough to be rescued by us. Moonshine is very in your pocket, a big lovable puppy who doesn't understand how big he is nor understand ground manner yet but give him one good look in those eyes and you're hooked. He is a super sweetheart with a heart of gold and a will to give 110% on whatever you ask. He struggled with weight and mass upon coming to us so believe me when I tell you these photos don't do him justice now. He is almost black in color, bulky and formed.

Another surprising fact about moonshine, this war horse with 50+ races has CLEAN LEGS. He is 100% sound and ready and eager for his new career. We have been using a paseo rig on him to lower his head because he still likes that track mode of holding his head up high when being ridden. It's been a few times now using the rig and his last ride wen't beautifully! He looked like a brand new horse. Moonshine would suit any discipline and will make your heart melt with those  

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