Bellamesiter is a an absolutely gorgeous 2004 mare we rescued from the Jones killpen here in OK. We though she was with foal when we rescued her but it turned out she'd been bred recently and had already given birth. We estimate this girl had just been a broodmare for about ten years before ending up at a killpen. She is a daughter of War Chant which is incredible. This mare stands up for the broodmares of the world. After probably a decade of not being ridden we decided to just hop on her bareback because she is the most gentle OTTB you would ever meet. I will tell you this, no one expected what we got next. This mare looks like she had been trained in the art of dressage while on the side working as a kids horse. You can rub all over this mare, jump around screaming in front of her and even accidentally slide off her back because you weren't balanced yet while she walked around and she will stop and stare you down confused as to why you're on the ground. She is the most gentle gal with such a love in her eyes and compassionate soul. Thanks to her we give a shout out to our broodmares of this world. This girl would go on to make an excellent lesson horse for kids or even better she could go on to the dressage world and rise through the ranks. This girl can be super fancy. She shocked us all. Don't ever underestimate the older broodmares of the world, they will have your jaw dropped in awe. If you're interested in our amazing Bella please message us. 

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