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Eugene is a special boy here at Thoroughbred Athletes. Eugene was pulled from the kill pen with a bone-deep laceration on the front of his back left ankle, and severely emaciated. The wound had mushroomed out with proud flesh and had obviously happened quite some time before we found him. After months of care, food, and love, Eugene has made a miraculous turn around. Luckily, the wound had not infected the joint, and after a few months of care, has almost healed entirely. We are not for sure yet what future career will be in store for him, but he is going to be amazing in whatever direction he goes. 

His first photos were taken the morning after he got in, Mid-June 2017. The last set of photos were taken the first week of September 2017. He still has some ground to cover, but the light is in his eyes, his personality is gleaming, and he is happy being a horse. 

We said a very huge bitter-sweet goodbye to Eugene as he left for his new life with Shelley. Eugene was special, and impacted everyone who walked through our doors. Despite his hard life, Eugene never showed a mean bone in his body and opened up his heart to everyone who walked by (especially if they had a treat!). We are very excited to see Eugene continue to blossom and be loved, but sad to see him leave our program. Thank you Eugene, for reminding us why we wake up every morning, and why we work so hard to make a difference. Thank you Shelly Caldwell for offering Eugene open arms and a loving home. 

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