Horse Eligibility

To be eligible for the 2022 Makeover horses must meet the following three requirements.

  1. Must be registered with The Jockey Club and have a lip tattoo or Jockey Club microchip. Thoroughbreds from foreign countries must have equivalent registration and identification. Note that horses who meet the other requirements of eligibility but were never tattooed can be microchipped with Jockey Club approval or tattooed in advance of the Makeover if they have registration papers and proper identification. 

  2. Must have raced or had a published work after July 1, 2020. The definition of a race or published work for the purposes of this rule is one that takes place during a period of time when the horse was in race training and was recorded in Equibase or Equineline for North American racing or equivalent foreign recording systems in other countries, including both flat and steeplechase. Works clocked and published for horses not in race training as a means of establishing Makeover eligibility do not make the horse eligible.

  3. Must not have started in training for a second career before December 1, 2020 other than a maximum of fifteen allowable rides or training sessions that introduce skills specific to non-racing careers. See conditions below.​

    1. Horses that cross-trained in other disciplines during their active racing careers are eligible as long as they did not show or compete in those other disciplines.

    2. Non-discipline-specific ground work such as longeing, long lining, and round pen work from the ground do not count as training for a second career.

    3. Horses that competed in sports other than racing before December 1, 2020 are ineligible. Showing in-hand is not considered a sport under this section and does not affect eligibility

    4. RRP will accept the trainer's pledge that a horse is eligible unless it is made aware of evidence to the contrary. Third parties are welcome to present evidence of ineligibility directly to RRP by email or phone at or 410-798-5140. RRP will investigate such allegations and report its findings to the person making the allegation. The identity of the person making the allegation must be made known to RRP but will not be shared outside of the RRP board and staff without permission.

    5. RRP will remove horses from the competition that it deems ineligible regardless of whether the determination is made before, during, or after the Makeover event.