Not Quite Unicorns but Winners in our Eyes

This is a special segment on some of our harder to adopt horses. These are the horses that don't make the cut as jumpers, eventers, barrel racers and more. A lot of these special horses were rejected by other facilities because they'd be limited meaning much harder to adopt out and longer stays at said facility. TAI makes it a mission to take any OTTB needing our help whether they're retired 100% sound or not. Just because a horse can't go on to do high impact careers doesn't mean they can't have a second career! Some of our unsound horses could go on to be great dressage, trail, lesson, flat work and so much more candidates. So here we present our "Not Quite Unicorns but Winners in our Eyes"; please enjoy some light hearted descriptions and "trainer funny" descriptions. Send us a message if one of our special horses catches your eye! 

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