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A Fashion Affair

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Fashion Affair intake 1
Fashion Affair 1 intake

RRP Elligible

A Fashion Affair is a 2014 grey mare who came to us from a concerned owner that lived out of state from where this mare was being boarded for some R&R from the racetrack. After not receiving the kind of updates she expected, and photos of Fashion having a blanket on repeatedly, she called us to take her in and retire her from racing. ​Fortunately, we took this mare in and have been on a positive journey to getting this mare back to 100% health. 

Fashion has really showed us her personality as we've gotten to know her. She is a sassy girl, but loves attention. She will be the first to feed time, and happily stand unhaltered for a grooming in the pasture. 

This lovely girl is getting a beautiful summer coat in, so be on the lookout for new photos, and an update on her training once she is at a healthy weight! We are so excited for this mare's future. 

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