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Want to come out to meet your next partner? We require a liability release that you can download and bring with you on your first visit! Download it here!


Thank you for your interest in our horses and for taking the time to provide the information necessary for adoption approval. Once approved, you will be notified via email or telephone. Your approval will be valid as long as the information in the application is valid. Please answer ALL questions marked with an asterisk.

DISCLAIMER: Adoptions can only proceed once a TAI adoption application has been recieved and approved. All adoptions are on a first come first served basis. 

NOTE: We highly recommend that you get a vet check on a horse before purchasing. You are responsible for your own vet check, NOT Thoroughbred Athletes. 


I agree to the following ADOPTION CONDITIONS:

•Under no circumstances shall the adopted horse return to racing or be used for breeding purposes.
•Under no circumstances shall the adopted horse be sold at a livestock auction.
•The adoption is subject to TAI review for a period of 4 months. I agree to provide follow-up and allow visitation as requested.
•I will promptly update my contact information should it change. 
•The horse is adopted “as is”. I understand that I should immediately have a thorough veterinary examination of the horse. If pre-existing conditions are discovered during this examination I may return the horse and receive a full refund of my adoption fee if requested within 7 days of the adoption (release) date and a written veterinary report is provided.
•If I no longer want or can no longer care for this horse, I understand that I may return it to TAI as long as I give 7 days notice. If the horse is returned within 30 days of adoption a refund of 80% of the adoption fee may be available, if requested. A partial refund may be available for a horse returned more than 30 days after adoption; the amount refunded will be determined by the TAI Board of Directors and will not exceed 50% of the adoption fee, pending fund availability.
•Selling or otherwise rehoming the adopted horse is prohibited for 6 months then may occur only with prior approval of TAI.
•I agree to notify TAI prior to changing stabling locations or otherwise moving this horse. 
•I agree to a background check to document that I have the financial resources to support the adopted horse and provide for all its needs, including but not limited to:
     a) Regular deworming    
     b) Routine foot care and corrective care when necessary   
     c) Vaccinations and any veterinary care necessary to diagnose and treat            abnormalities   
     d) Good quality feed providing sufficient nutrition to maintain normal                body condition   
     e) Safe and comfortable environment including shelter from adverse                  weather
•I will contact my veterinarian, farrier, trainer, owner of the boarding facility (if applicable), and employer and give permission for the release of information to Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc. 
•I will seek professional training to continue the retraining process. 

You also may download a blank application and mail it in to our address listed below. 

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