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Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc.'s  Volunteer Program

 Thoroughbred Athletes operate solely on the help of our loyal and incredible group of volunteers. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to carry out our mission, nor would we be the largest retraining and rehoming facility in Oklahoma. 

However, our volunteers also understand that anything
involving horses is hard work, and they aren't afraid to get
their hands dirty! 

Our volunteers are passionate individuals that have become a second family. While incredibly rewarding, nonprofit work can also be tough. Part of what makes us Thoroughbred Athletes is the teamwork that our volunteers have! 

Want to get involved? Perfect! 

Thoroughbred Athletes is special in the fact that we offer a volunteer to ride program, you come and volunteer doing the work we ask of you helping Lynn and after a certain amount of hours given, you get to start riding for free. This is a reward program, you continue to do the work asked of you and you will continue to be able to ride. 

Interested in learning more? Even better. The most important thing to know when you are around horses is that there is always more to learn. Here are some of the things you could get involved in as a Thoroughbred Athletes volunteer!
  • Barn Maintenance

    • Stall cleaning

    • Barn Upkeep

    • Sweeping

    • Bucket Cleaning

    • Tack cleaning

    • Filling & cleaning water tanks

    • Raking exercise machine

  • Horse Care

    • Grooming​

    • Morning exercise

    • Distributing hay

    • Assisting in feeding routine

    • Bathing

    • Hand-walking

    • Leading horses in and out for turn-out or exercise

    • Assisting farrier or vet

    • Groundwork

  • Extra Stuff!

    • Photography​

    • Writing

    • Public Outreach

    • Event planning

    • Event management

    • Horse showing

    • And more!


Our off-track thoroughbreds come from a variety of backgrounds.  All of them have raced at different racetracks and have been exposed to a variety of training and handling  They require the utmost patience in handling and training.  While training, their individual personalities blossom in front of your eyes.  They quickly learn their handlers are not someone to fear through your patience in handling. 

If you are not into riding horses but love to be around them, we still have a spot for you on our team.


We are always encouraging budding photographers and/or those interesting in being a journalist writer for our articles and news updates. There are many facets of the equine business you may be interested in learning! 

At any given time, we have horses that are recuperating from surgeries that enjoy hand walking and bonding. Thoroughbreds are extremely loving animals. They enjoy the one-on-one time with their handlers, be it through simply grooming and letting them graze at the end of a lead.

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