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ASPCA Help A Horse Day Activities


Our ASPCA Help a Horse Day back in April was such a fun time we would like to share the activities with those of you who couldn't make it!


Fox News 25 showed up to do a newscast on our activities.  What a pleasant surprise this was!!  The news broadcast can be viewed by clicking HERE!

The day started off with a bang when Cameron Cash came to take Wave Acide to her new home! We look forward to watching this new team grow!!

Dedication of the Ceci Leonard Quarantine Facility


The dedication of the Ceci Leonard Quarantine Facility was the highlight of the day.  We at Thoroughbred Athletes would still be dreaming of this facility if it weren't for the generous contributions from the ASPCA and Ceci Leonard.  Harold Sullivan has worked tirelessly since last fall to get the facility to this point.  We still have some more work to go but the dream is a reality!



Girl Scouts came out to help serve food and provide some of their delicious cookies!

The relaxed atmosphere provided our visitors the ability to come and go watching the demonstrations or visit with horses.  Volunteers mingled in with guests providing answers to any questions.

Over 60 people attended to watch the demonstrations and to enjoy meeting the horses. 

We were fortunate to have Oklahoma's own, Terri Lindley, providing a demonstration on desensitizing

techniques with Good Times Bill, one we picked up from auction.

Zee waited not so patiently for his turn to shine.  And as usual, he did not let us down!  

The Battle of the X's Championship team, Miss Zanjero and Wendy Thompson, teamed up to provide a demonstration of the versatility of thoroughbreds.  Miss Zanjero was obtained at a low end auction house by Thoroughbred Athletes.

Two-Steppin Okie showed her versatiliy and talent with volunteer and youth rider, Lucy Greenawalt in the saddle. She may be on the smaller side, but she makes up for it in jump and talent!

The beautiful Oopsville Slew (Daisy) with volunteer Miranda Noyes on board for their demonstration.

Our Dark Knight with his fan club.

Mampo, Rio, and Sharp Dot all trying to get the attention of the visitors strutting their stuff!

The girls were not about to go unnoticed by visitors!

My Sis Kris showing off with On the Marq

My Sis Kris turnin' and burnin'

On the Marq showing she still has it!

My Sis Kris

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