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Costa Rica Cutie

When Katy brought “Cutie” home for the first time, it wasn’t meant to be long-term. Katy would teach the leggy chestnut filly a few things, take her to the inaugural Sport of Kings Challenge in 2011, and then Cutie would head back to Thoroughbred Athletes with some training and show experience already under her girth and be put up for adoption.

It seemed Cutie had other plans in mind, and she quickly began work on charming the pants off her new human. And it worked: Katy couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the Sport of Kings Challenge without Cutie, and adoption plans were finalized between classes at the show. Cutie now had a forever home with Katy and her family.

In spring 2013, Katy and Cutie competed together in their first dressage show and earned three ribbons: two seconds and one third. This duo will no doubt see many more successes in the future!

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