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Here Comes Bucky

Here Comes Bucky 1.jpg
Here Comes Bucky Head.jpg

We first met Bucky at the Jones Auction in the fall. This handsome 6 year old boy was purchased by an individual who worked with him though he had a bowed tendon and needed to have some rehabilitation time. Later, we found him on the feed lot and could not let this personable guy suffer that fate. Bucky is currently in rehabilitation and doing quite well.

Bucky has found his new partners, Nic and Cameron Ellis! We are so glad to see this guy get a chance for a new career. Not only is Bucky beautiful, he's smart and talented and is doing well in the show ring! 

Bucky gets to be pasture mates with several from our crew! He lived with Wave Acide and Red Hot Thunder for a while, and just recently had CouldSheCoo and Gospel Nightlight added to his pasture. Thank you Nic and Cameron for giving so many of our horses a chance!

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