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How You Can Help...

Volunteers and donors like you help Thoroughbred Athletes to continue retraining and rehoming retired racehorses, as well as providing interested youth a place to ride and become active in equestrian sports.

Horse ownership is costly and in this tough economic time, the cost of hay and upkeep continues to rise. Your donation to Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc. is tax deductible and every dollar helps us to save another horse. From feed, vet bills, barn maintenance and other miscellaneous costs, the prices seem to rise everyday. By donating just a few dollars you can help us to continue taking care of Thoroughbreds in need.

In addition to monetary donations, we are always in need of tack, feed and barn equipment.

​We accept donations via Paypal or checks through mail.  We also have several merchandise fundraisers for an option to provide valuable resources to Thoroughbred Athletes.

You can also provide funding to Thoroughbred Athletes while you buy online!  Through the programs listed below, the vendor provides a percentage of their revenue to the non-profit of your choice and we hope you choose Thoroughbred Athletes!

Gift of Happiness- 

Select Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc as your charity and we will automatically receive a percentage of every sale!

Shop for Your Cause- 

Amazon purchases, as well as others, can be placed through Shop for Your Cause which provides a percentage of the purchase to your cause.  Please select Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc. as your cause!

iGive provides a percentage of your purchases at participating stores to Thoroughbred Athletes. When used in conjunction with Amazon's shop for your cause, we get double credit when you also use the iGive option.

Use this option while  shopping and provide two gifts for one this holiday season!  




If you've already installed the iGive Button, bravo! Now test drive your iGive Button by visiting any of the1,450+ iGive Stores, such as:  Expedia,  QVC,,,  JCPenney,  PETCO, & Pottery Barn!


  • For most stores, there's nothing to do. You'll simply see the iGive Button displayed in the bottom right corner of the store you are visiting. You can test it by going to via your browser.


  • For some stores, a red panel will display and you'll need to click a button to confirm that you wish to change your shopping for good. You can test this by going to in your browser.


  • Amazon is special, but simple. Just go to Google, Yahoo, or Bing and search for "Amazon." When you see the iGive dandelion seed icon next to the search result, click it to change your shopping for good and get credit. Or, you can use this link:


  • The iGive Button is your assurance that you will always be a socially conscious shopper.


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