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Okie Ship

Okie Ship-2
Okie Ship-1
Okie Ship-11
Okie Ship-10
Okie Ship-8
Okie Ship-1
Okie Ship-6
Okie Ship-4
Okie Jazz-4
Okie Ship 2
Okie Ship 1
Okie Ship 3
Okie Ship-12

Meet Okie Ship! Okie is the man you have been waiting your whole life for. He may be only 2, but this stunning boy has class, intelligence, and maturity from his short life. Okie will not be available until 2018, but he is certainly a guy you don't want to miss. His personality became a favorite at the barn quickly, if it isn't already apparent! Check back for updates as we fall in love with this boy and he continues thorough the program.

Congratulations to Lindsey Smith on her adoption ofthe amazing boy. We have high expectations for Ship after he impressed us with his talent and demeanor as just a two year old. He is one of our favorites and we are overjoyed to see him go on to a bigger and brighter future. 


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