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       Our Fabulous Team

We often talk about how amazing our Barn Manager and volunteers are. They put in hard work at the barn, hours behind a computer, long meetings in the office, and have incredible dedication to our mission. These people allow us to accomplish our goal of rehoming the horses we have. This page is dedicated to them!

Fatima Jaime


Thoroughbred Athlete's Barn Manager

Lauren is TAI's trusted barn manager, putting the needs of TAI above all else. She handles the day to day operations and chores that are needed daily. She also trains our volunteers, schedules our farrier, vet and dental visits. To top it all off, Lauren also runs this very website, does our reports, inventories and more. We truly could not do this without her. She's dedicated her life to TAI and we appreciate her so much. 

Her favorite TAI horse - Data Cat. They share a bond unlike any other. She loves the feisty storm cat lines.

Lauren Magby


Thoroughbred Athlete's Senior Volunteer

Ariel started volunteering at TAI this winter; coming even in the coldest of temps and snow! We knew she was perfect for our TAI family; always willing to learn and working tirelessly on chores and horse care. Ariel grew up around quarter horses so TB's were a whole different ball game. We finally got her up on one of our TB's and she had a blast. Ariel comes every Saturday morning to assist with chores and even ride on our riding Saturdays. She also does two of our PM shifts on her own. She is so dedicated and so good with the horses. We are so happy to have her in the TAI family and appreciate all her contributions whether with chores, PM shifts or event help.

Favorite Current Horse: Nomorequestions, this isn't at all surprising. Q was the first horse Ariel rode and they clicked instantly. Her boyfriend Nathan instantly fell in love with his soft and sweet demeanor too. Who doesn't love the 17HH sweet boy with a question mark on his face?

Ariel Egleston

Lauren and Kace.jpg

Thoroughbred Athlete's Senior Volunteer and 4H program leader

Natalie and her daughter Ana started at TAI with a bang. They dove right in. She is constantly coming up with ways to help TAI, especially starting a FFA program at TAI. This has been so beneficial for the kids and the farm. She helps with extra cleaning and organizing, giving one on one time to each horse and working on ground issues. She grooms all the horses with the program kids and Ana. Ana surprised us all too by instantly bonding with a TAI filly named Goosey Lucy. Those two just shared an immediate unspoken bond with Lucy just completely in her pocket. It was meant to be; truly the meaning of a girl and her horse and it wasn't long before Lucy went home with them. Natalie feed two PM shifts a week for us and when able volunteers more time at TAI to aid our mission and horses. She has been an absolute blessing and in the fall she also is a teacher. We are so proud of this family and happy to have them. 

Favorite Current Horse: Bourbon Legs; Natalie bonded with bourbon instantly and him her. He provided her comfort during hard times when no one else could. He loves to hug her and snuggle her and knows when she's there he's truly in his happy place. We hope Natalie can adopt this handsome fella soon. 

Natalie Anderson


Thoroughbred Athlete's Senior Volunteers

Danielle and her two children: Sam and Caroline are some of our greatest helpers. They come out to the farm on Sundays and are always willing to come help on any day we are shorthanded. Danielle and her family go above and beyond for TAI helping us with day to day chores, the farrier, fundraising, running events and more. She is also an adopter of one of our favorite horses: Hezsational. We couldn't be happier for them, they are the perfect pair. Danielle is an inspiration working hard to become a nurse! We cannot thank this family enough for their continued hard work and dedication to Thoroughbred Athletes.  Our cats also would be ever so lonely without Caroline's visits, she makes sure to pay them extra attention and love every time she is here.

Favorite Current Horse - Jetting Away. This one is ironic as Jet fractured Danielle's toe but she still loves him. They're two peas in a pod both with injured feet and Danielle loved playing nurse to him during his hoof abscesses and he loved her for caring for him. 

Danielle Crall

Thoroughbred Aftercare Allliance
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Thoroughbred Athlete's Senior Volunteer

Hannah has been volunteering at TAI for a long time and we are so thankful for her contributions to our farm. Hannah does all the chores that are asked of her and more. Hannah is currently going to school in Arkansas and we are so proud of her. On her breaks she makes it a point to volunteer multiple times a week. We so appreciate her. Hannah does a lot of extra one on one horse work for us too. She goes over ground manners with horses, works one on one with some of more problem horses and even does training rides on our suitable horses. She is a valued team member here in the TAI family. 

Hannah runs a small business named Razorback Tack and hand makes a lot of items which she loves to try on our TAI horses and we love getting the photos of them in cute halters and bonnets. We love Hannah and are so happy she stays so dedicated to TAI. 

Favorite Current Horse - Nomorequestions, Hannah has bonded with Q as we call him; a kill pen rescue. Q is named perfectly as his facial marking is an actual question! He is a gentle soul and loves the attention Hannah gives and she loves his calm teddy bear demeanor. 


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