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Last Updated: March 7, 2020

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    ​​Can't donate? Maybe you're interested in volunteering?

     For more details regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact Lauren at LMagby.ThoroughbredAthletes@gmail.com
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           Our Fabulous Team


    We often talk about how amazing our Barn Manager and volunteers are. They put in hard work at the barn, hours behind a computer, long meetings in the office, and have incredible dedication to our mission. These people allow us to accomplish our goal of rehoming the horses we have. This page is dedicated to them!

    Lauren Magby

    Lauren is a our barn and office manager! She works minimum five days a week and maintains the daily care of the horses and day to day operations at Thoroughbred Athletes, and is extremely helpful in finding home for our available horses. She handles adoptions, this website and anything else thrown at her. Be it early morning feed, extra hours to prepare for a horse show, social media outreach, Lauren is always eager to offer help and keeps herself on call 24/7 for TAI. We couldn't do it without Lauren on our team!

    Fatima Jaime

    Fatima is a junior in high school at Harding Charter Prep. Fatima started volunteering at TAI when she was only 13. Now 17, Fatima has shown TAI horses at shows, loves starting horses on ground work, and is an excellent hand from daily chores to helping photograph and video available horses. We are so thankful for Fatima being a part of our TAI family!

    Susanne Mims

    Susanne is one of our volunteers that is with us multiple times a week. She has taken over doing afternoons three to four times a week for us, giving Lynn and Lauren much needed breaks. She is truly passionate about horses and owns horses of her own. Her and her family love to come help in any way they can. She also makes a point to step in with her whole family and volunteer to help set up events and volunteer at the events. Without Susanne we'd be overwhelmed and can't thank her enough for stepping in and helping at TAI so much. 

    Resident Champions!

    Two horses that have come across our program not only have been superstars in our hearts and the arena, but have proven themselves on the to be extremely successful on the racetrack as well. These amazing boys have earned a permanent spot in the Thoroughbred Athletes Barn of Champions, and the hearts of our crew.

    Resident champion Zee Oh Six, bred by John and Barbara Smicklas, has an outstanding race record of 47-12-9-3, including 3 Oklahoma Classics Stake Race wins, 2 Remington Green Stakes wins, an Autumn Classics stakes win, a Silver Goblin stakes win, and a Governor's Cup stakes win. Winning an impressive $442,311 on the track is not Zee's only major accomplishment, though. He has turned around to become an incredible partner and show horse to show off what these incredible thoroughbreds are capable of after being successful in a racing career. He has traveled twice with youth rider, Lucy Greenawalt, to Texas to compete in the Battle Of The X's trainer Challenge and Thoroughbred Show. 

    Resident Champion Strategic Leader also has carries a race record similar to Zee. He holds a substantial 50-11-4-7 record, earning $415,675. He is also a champion stakes horse, including 2 Red Earth Stakes wins, and 3 Oklahoma Classic Turf Stakes wins. Leader has also had a few trips in the show ring with rider and ex-jockey Ashton Heise at the 2014 Sport Of Kings Challenge and did very well in dressage.

    He competed in the first show of the 2016 Sport of Kings Challenge series at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie and earned a 64.5% in his Training 1 dressage test with volunteer Lucy Greenawalt. He also won a championship ribbon in the trot pole division with volunteer Fatima Jaime, happily earning all blue ribbons for her first show. He then finished the weekend with his first jumping classes. Piloted by Lucy, the team laid 3 beautiful hunter rounds that earned him an 87, 80, and 73. Leader is an absolute class act and favorite in the barn, and it's easy to see why!