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Thoroughbred Athletes 

Play Day & Obstacle Challenge


We had an absolute blast in the fall at our first play day in 2017, and we think our attendees did as well! We hope you will join us this year for our play day series. Games lists will vary with each show, and little extras will pop up with some events. (We had a chili cook-off in thefall!)

Our goal for these play days is not only a great time for all ages, but a friendly, relaxed environment for young horses and/or young riders where they can get away from their home property and get exposure to new things, without the pressure of a show. But, we do have ribbons! We promise you won't regret hanging out with us. 

Upcoming Dates:

Stay tuned while we work on this year's show schedule! 

We are excited for more fun with you all in 2020... 

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